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Fighting Hunger and Promoting Food Security: CoreGiving and the LA Regional Food Bank

LA Regional Food Bank

Repost from Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

On a bustling day at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s new distribution center in the City of Industry, volunteers from April Housing and other CoreGiving partners came together to pack boxes of food, addressing both food insecurity and nutrition insecurity in the community.

Alice Carr, CEO of April Housing, a Blackstone portfolio company, was one of the volunteers packing food kits for later distribution. As CEO of April Housing, Alice also sits on the board of CoreGiving, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting food and nutrition insecurity in Los Angeles and across the nation.

Beyond their volunteer efforts, CoreGiving is a valuable financial supporter of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Their recent sponsorship of the “A Million Reasons” event further illustrates their dedication to fighting hunger in Los Angeles County.

Carr emphasized this cause’s significance in the Food Bank interview. She stated, “Even as I’m looking at the addresses on these boxes, they’re in cities where my friends live or a city where I live. They’re the neighbors next door.”

Carr also underscored April Housing’s mission to provide affordable housing to low-income families, saying, “At April Housing, we offer multiple affordable housing rental units for families nationwide. With over 80,000 affordable housing units, these families have access to affordable rent. However, they still face challenging decisions on how to allocate their discretionary funds. Often, low-income families must choose between essentials like books, medicine, and food, highlighting the pressing issue of food insecurity.”

The volunteer and financial contributions of CoreGiving and all of its partners make a significant difference in the fight against hunger in Los Angeles. The food they pack and the funds they provide will directly reach those in need, while their financial support empowers the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to continue its vital work.

How You Can Make an Impact

You, too, can play a crucial role in the battle against hunger in Los Angeles. Consider the following ways to get involved:

  • Donate: Support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank with your contributions, ensuring that essential food reaches those most need it.
  • Volunteer: Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers at the Food Bank. With various volunteer opportunities, you can find a role that aligns with your interests and availability.


By coming together, we can drive positive change in the fight against hunger and nutrition insecurity, significantly impacting our community’s well-being.