April Housing Affordable Housing in America

“We’re making a difference by creating and preserving high-quality Affordable Housing.”

  • — Alice Carr, CEO of April Housing

Largest Private Sector Commitment to Preserving Affordable Housing

April Housing is Making an Impact – at Scale

In 2022, April Housing made the single largest private sector commitment to preserving Affordable Housing. Under the leadership of our CEO Alice Carr and with backing from Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT), our commitment ensures long-term Affordable Housing for our communities.

Long-Term Commitment to Preserving Affordability

Launching Resyndication Platform

In 2023, April launched its tax credit resyndication platform, where the company applies for new tax credits to reinvest in communities and extend affordability long-term.

In the first year alone, April is on track to apply for bonds and tax credits on 18 assets to renovate and extend affordability of 4,000 Affordable Housing units in Texas, Ohio, and Nebraska.

Reversing Qualified Contracts

In 2022, April Housing withdrew the prior owner’s application to convert an Affordable Housing community to market rate, allowing us to preserve the long-term affordability of 238 apartments in High Ridge, Missouri.

April Housing does not pursue qualified contracts.

Supporting Non-Profit Partners

Non-profits are critical to the Affordable Housing industry. April Housing has taken substantive steps to honor the role and rights of these important partners.

“Thirteen years ago, I was looking for a safe community to raise my kids. Villa Serena gave my family a safe and affordable place to live. Growing up in Villa Serena gave my daughter hope for her future and made it possible for her to look for something bigger. She is now a student at Stanford University.”

—Resident & Single-mother at Villa Serena in Los Angeles for 13 years

Community Wellness

April Housing is working to enhance community wellness and access.

Access to Broadband

April Housing is working with partners and stakeholders to close the digital divide by expanding access to broadband/Wi-Fi for our residents across the country.

Building Credit through Rent Reporting

April Housing is partnering with Esusu to help residents grow their credit score by reporting on-time rent payments to the credit bureaus.

Providing Crisis Relief

April Housing provides immediate relief and support to our residents.