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National Read Across America Day—Little Free Library

March 2 is officially National Read Across America Day, a day dedicated to encouraging children to read more books. At our properties across the country, we have a number of reading, tutoring and language programs hosted for residents. At a community in Fort Collins, Colorado, a retired teacher decided to start a Little Free Library to provide books to families and their children.

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Created in the Fall 2022, the Little Free Library provides a variety of children’s books at varying reading levels for families to access. Spearheaded by Wendy Dolgin, a retired teacher who taught at a nearby school for many years, knew a lot of her students lived in this community and wanted to support. 

“The love of stories and the magic of reading is an important passion to instill in a child,” said Dolgrin. “My hope is to get books out there to as many kids as want them.”

The Little Free Library has been a smashing success with children eagerly participating in the book exchange. Starting in the spring, Ms. Dolgin will begin hosting a reading group on-site for kids who are borrowing books from the library. 

She said, “All kids of all ages should have the opportunity to have books in their hands – to explore through them – and use their imagination to grow their brains!”

We are grateful to our residents for sharing their love of literature with the next generation! As is the motto of all Little Free Libraries, “Take a Book. Share a Book.”